Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Anything Goes Tofu Scrabble

Tofu scramble is a delicious breakfast that gives you tons of energy for your day and keeps you full for awhile. I make it on my days off with whatever vegetables I have laying around. I've gotten into the habit of saving odds and ends of vegetables that I dont use in other recipes. This is where that stuff comes in. The only thing you really need to have is tofu and potatoes and even the potatoes are optional.

1. fry or boil your potatoes until they are tender

2. add your veggies. such as: onion, bell pepper, broccoli, shredded carrot, zucchini, cabbage. It really doesnt matter.

3. once tender and starting to brown, add you seasoning. You can add cumin, tumeric, cayenne pepper, paprika, thyme or whatever you have.

4. this is an optional step but kind of gives it an eggy flavor that makes you feel like you are eating breakfast and not just some stirfry. Add about 1/4 cup of nutritional yeast and about 1/4 cup of water. Stir and let the liquid absorb. Add more if you want.

5. add the tofu. break it off into big chunks and stir it in. Break up tofu to your desired chunk size.

6. serve with salsa, tofutti soy sour cream (as pictured), guacamole, sirracha or nothing at all! Add salt and pepper as you desire. this is dish is all about using what you have and adding to taste.


  1. This sounds very delicious. Using the yeast is interesting. I do like the idea of saving 'tidbits' of veggies throughout the week for a weekend scramble, too. Would fresh spinach, tomato, mushrooms work? Thanks for sharing this. Yumm!!

  2. The nutritional yeast has a distinct flavor that you cant get from any other seasoning. Its kind of cheesy but not really. Its hard to explain. you would just have to try it. When I make vegan mac n' cheese, its the main ingredient. It is also fortified with b12, which is essential for vegans to supplement. Good idea on the spinach, tomato and mushrooms! Those are great additions. This recipe works great with eggs too, like I made for you. I love a good hearty breakfast.