Monday, March 28, 2011

Hello , Cara....from yo' mama...

I think your pictures are great! Further, I strongly support your decision to become vegan. Little by little, I am trying to eliminate the eggs and milk from my diet. It is very possible that I will not be as diligent as you, but I am becoming more aware - primarily through you. You do know when I gave up meat and I have been diligent about that, for sure. So I have been watching the food channels, and learning some interesting techniques, and getting reacquainted with cooking. I baked a lot when I was young and after we moved to "electric stove" country, I haven't been able to produce expected results with the electric oven. (Maybe I should put an imu oven in the backyard ???) Anyway....I look forward to exchanging recipes with you and your wonderful contributors. But as you know, the area where we live is more "retro" so finding bolognie and white bread is no problem....milk-free cheese isn't as easy to find. Much love......Cris S.

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  1. Welcome to the blog! I really can't wait to have you posting your creations on here! Being vegetarian and vegan makes cooking so much more challenging and rewarding! You have always inspired me to taste with an open mind an exposed me to so many interesting foods as a kid. Cant wait for more food fun with you!