Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Vegan Pizza at The Foundry in Westport

So B and I have been putting off going to The Foundry for quite awhile because we just figured it was some scenester joint that probably didn't have good food and service like McCoy's does. We finally went last Saturday and were extremely happy. They have a TON of vegetarian/vegan things on the menu, including 5 vegetarian pizzas and vegan tacos. They even have veg sloppy joes! The highlight though was the vegan pizza. I saw it on the online menu but it wasn't on the menu when we got there. I asked the guy if they had it and he said it all depends on the availability of the vegan cheese they use. He said its hard to get and that's why it's not on the menu. They are waiting to see if people actually order the vegan pizza before they commit to it. So he checked with the kitchen and came back and said they could do it. I was super excited.

So here it what it looked like. It was so delicious! It had fake Italian sausage, fresh basil and delicious Daiya vegan cheese.

Much better than the only other vegan pizza you can get in town that includes cheese. So if you are vegan or even just vegetarian, go order this pizza so they will keep it on the menu! You will love it. Its super good.

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